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Statistically, roofing is one of the most dangerous jobs in North America. In Canada, more than 40,000 workers get injured annually due to fall accidents. This represents a significant chunk of “lost-time injuries” accepted by workers’ compensation boards or commissions across Canada. In addition to great economic loss, falls cause pain and suffering and also claim lives. Citing the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a recent study (The Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR) Data Center study, “Fatal Falls from Roofs Among U.S. Construction Workers,” ) points out that falls account for 76 percent of fatalities in the roofing industry, and workers in the roofing industry are three times more likely to experience fatal work-related injuries than other construction workers.

Our company is dedicated to providing innovative safety solutions for homes, office buildings, commercial and industrial buildings. Our roof bridges and ladders provide real solutions to safe roof access whether you need to perform routine or emergency maintenance, installations or just get the Frisbee off the roof. On a recent trip overseas we discovered roof bridges and ladders were mandatory on every house or building, and we knew this was something that could drastically change the face of roofing here in North America.

Our owner, Markku Heino, tells us best in his own words;

“When my father passed away so suddenly, due to a traumatic brain injury from a fall from a roof, I knew something could have been done to prevent his death. How can I truly make myself, my workers, any future contractors, and homeowners safer on their own roofs? I searched for a solution, here in North America and abroad in Europe and Finland. During my previous visits to Finland, I had always noticed (besides all the metal roofing…) that every roof, every house, every building has a permanently mounted roof bridge and ladder, and almost always a permanently mounted ladder up the side of the house to the roof. Brilliant! So I found an old friend, a made-in-Finland manufacturer of the product, and we made it happen. So here I am, ready to revolutionize the roofing industry, and roofing safety. Roof Bridges and Ladders. The safest way to access your roof, period. To clean your chimney, service your satellite dish, remove snow load, get the kids Frisbees off the roof, service your skylight, take cool pictures of your backyard, all these reasons and more, is why you need a Roof Bridge.”

However, when the roof is all installed, and everyone is all safe back on the ground, it’s time for a sauna. Sauna’s are such a cultural tradition in Finland, and one tradition that should be embraced here in North America. Especially here in Canada! We have dedicated many years to sauna culture and embracing this tradition here in Central Ontario where long cold winters and summers filled with sunburns and mosquito bites are the norm. There are many different ways to build a sauna, and different sauna stoves to choose from. We have narrowed down the field and import both wood and electric stoves ready to heat your next sauna. We can help design your sauna and provide all the materials necessary to create your little slice of heaven. Sauna’s truly are, our passion.

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