Roof Ladder Bracket

Roof and Wall Ladders

Pisko ladders provide safe access to roofs, the ridge of roofs, chimneys, roof hatches and other targets that require maintenance or repair. The Pisko ladder range also offer solutions for safe descents from balconies and upper floor rooms. Pisko ladders are designed for diversified use. The same frames can be used in wall and roof ladders, safety ladders and side-mount ladders. Our ladder range can offer solutions for residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural use.

Industrial or commercial applications include but are not limited to roof access and change of elevation access. The roof ladders are used as extensions of wall ladders and/or roof bridges, in order to build safe access routes on the roof. The Pisko roof ladders can be used, for example, by chimney sweepers for easy access to the chimney. The Pisko roof ladders are CE marked for each roof type. Pisko ladders are manufactured using Finnish raw materials in our industrial manufacturing facility located at Härsilä in Lapua, under very tight quality control. The roof ladders have undergone demanding static and dynamic tests. The Pisko roof ladders are also subjected to very rigid specifications during production.

Pisko roof and wall ladders meet the strength and corrosion resistance requirements specified in the RT building information card on house ladders (RT 85-10708). The ladders can be equipped with a safety rail for climbing or hoops if required by the conditions. Other available accessories for Pisko ladders include, an anti-climbing guard to hinder children from climbing onto the ladder.


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