Roof bridges and ladders

Roof Bridges & Walkways

The roof bridges are used as extensions of the wall and roof ladders in order to create safe access routes to maintenance targets on the roof, such as chimneys, skylights, satellite dishes. In North America, there are so many reasons to gain safe, reliable access to your roof; routine maintenance, repairs, installations, getting the kids football off the roof, putting up some Christmas decorations. There are far too many injuries and even deaths from routine maintenance and installations that can be prevented with our innovative roofing safety products.

The Pisko roof walkways are constructed in Finland with top quality, highly durable materials that will provide years of reliable usage. The design of the roof bridge will allow the snow to permeate them easily, allowing safe access even during the snowiest months. The roof walkways have undergone demanding tests to achieve very high quality.

Safety was one of the key factors when designing the roof walkways; there are anti-slip grates in the bridge and heavy duty brackets for safety lines. The same reliable and thoroughly tested fasteners are used in both Pisko roof walkways and snow guards. In addition to the standard fasteners, the roof bridges are also equipped with an inclination adjustment plate which will allows installation on virtually any type or angle of roof.

Roof Bridge

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