Snow guards

Snow Guards

Snow guards act as a barricade system, and are used to prevent snow and ice falling from the roof. The snow guards can also protect structures installed on the roof. Our Pisko brand snow guards are extremely durable and long lasting. They are designed to provide years of reliable snow and ice safety. Originally used for commercial applications, these bar type of snow guards are being chosen by homeowners to protect their properties from potential damage due to falling ice and snow.

The snow guards must be positioned as close to the eaves as possible so that the load of the snow is directed towards load-bearing structures. They are tested to meet the requirements of the Swedish “Roof safety – Snow fence – Functional requirements” standard. The snow guards and their mounting brackets must bear a load of at least 5 kN/m in the direction of the inclined roof. Pisko snow guards are designed with several height adjustable brackets to accommodate a wide range of roof pitches.

Architects, contractors, and roofers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance and benefits of snow guards in the design process, minimizing the liability of falling snow for homeowners, businesses, and building owners. Our Pisko snow guards are proudly made in Finland, and are designed for harsh climates and heavy snow loads.

Snow Guard

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